Customer Service: How to Reassure and Advise Customers When They Decide to Move Overseas


Address 1, Address 2 

Dear Sir/Madam:

It is with mixed emotions that we write after learning just recently of your plans to migrate. We can't tell you how much we will miss you here at (insert name of company) after all these years.

Rest assured, even though you will be many miles away, we remain committed to the highest levels of service and await your instructions on how to proceed. Our recommendation is that we arrange a meeting for a better understanding of financial and transactional needs in absentia so we can better advise or seek advice from our attorneys. At the very least, we will require formal instructions to change your address with us and documentation to accept facsimile or email instructions.

We are committed to facilitating your requests, but would be keen to be able do so in a manner which does not compromise your intentions.  In the meantime, we wish you and the family a safe flight and all the very best in settling in your new home abroad.


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